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Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social media platform. More than 2.9+ billions people use the platform every month. An all-rounded Facebook marketing strategy is essential to tap into this audience and transform them into your customers.

Round Media provides one-stop Facebook marketing solutions to achieve your business goal. We are Facebook Marketing Partners who work closely with Facebook. Together with our social media specialists, we deliver ads and content to the right audience and do ongoing improvements to ensure client’s ROI.

Market Research

Round Media conducts comprehensive research of market to identify your brand position and target audience, thus tailoring content and ad strategies for your brand.

Idea Creation & Strategic Planning

Our social media specialists are great social listeners. We create content for your target audience that resonates with them.

Daily Monitoring

Monitoring social media platforms could be time-consuming. Our teams will handle all matters on your platform regardless of malicious comments, inbox message and comments reply.

Data Driven

Our strategy formulation is data- driven. We analyze your social media platform’s data including ads and post performance, audience activities and more, hence transform them into insight.

Monthly Reporting

Every month, we provide in-depth reports of your advertising performance to enhance your marketing performance, ensuring highest possible ROI of your business.

Professional Services

Our solid teams composed with different social media experts, including account servicing, paid advertising specialists, content strategist and graphic designers

Kick Off

Our collaboration starts with a kick-off meeting. We will understand your marketing needs and concern to align a collective business goal with you.


After kick-off meeting, we will contribute professional ideas on branding, design style, ad and content strategies to achieve your business goal.


We set up working schedule and confirm proposed topics with you, making sure everything is on the right track.


When the project is proceeded to execution, we will monitor the post and ad performance and enhance the ads from time to time.


At the end of the month, we provide detail reporting of your page and ads to oversee the performance, hence suggesting strategies for further enhancement.

Facebook Management

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