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3D Animation (Naked Eye)

"Unlock the Visual Frontier: Elevate Your Branding with Naked Eye 3D Animation"

Enhance and Optimize Customer Perception with Naked Eye 3D Animation on LED Billboards, Breaking Away from Traditional Methods.

The naked eye 3D animation trend in Hong Kong is rapidly gaining popularity, offering a unique and immersive visual experience to audiences. Here’s why choosing naked eye 3D animation is advantageous:

  1. Increased Engagement: Naked eye 3D animation captivates viewers by creating a sense of depth and realism, resulting in higher engagement levels. This can lead to increased brand recognition and recall among the audience.

  2. Growing Market: The Hong Kong VR and AR market is projected to reach HKD 2.8 billion by 2024, indicating a strong market potential for immersive technologies (Statista). Embracing naked eye 3D animation allows businesses to tap into this growing market and stay ahead of the competition.

  3. Mobile Accessibility: With 97% of Hong Kong residents owning a smartphone, mobile platforms provide a convenient and accessible medium to deliver naked eye 3D animation content (Statista). This enables businesses to reach a wide audience and effectively communicate their brand message.

  4. Memorable Advertising: Naked eye 3D animation creates a memorable and impactful advertising experience, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. By leveraging this trend, businesses can differentiate themselves and stand out in the competitive Hong Kong market.

3D Animation、裸眼 3d
裸眼3D 動畫 製作
2d animation

2D Animation

Professional Illustrators & Extensive Experience 2d Animation Production Team

leveraging different style of 2d animation, businesses can effectively communicate complex information in just a few minutes, making it easier for their target customers to comprehend and appreciate the value of their offerings.


CGI Ads have become immensely popular on social media, captivating audiences across platforms.

CGI Ads come across with different Social Media Platform (especially in XHS) can have a large impact on the branding 

Choose us, a highly experienced digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong. With our extensive experience, we specialize in optimizing the usage of CGI ads and spreading them across various social media platforms. We also excel in creating innovative Fake out of home (FOH) experiences that drive engagement and conversions. Our expertise in digital marketing allows us to effectively target and engage your desired audience. We understand the best practices for leveraging CGI ads on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Trust our knowledge and experience to effectively promote your CGI ads and achieve your marketing goals.

Animation Production Process

Step 1 : Kick Off Meeting and Research

In this initial step, we gather information and understand your goals for the animation and CGI ads. We conduct market research to gain insights into your industry and target audience. Based on the gathered information, we develop creative concepts and assess the technical requirements. This ensures that we have a clear direction and understanding of your objectives, market trends, and technical feasibility. The kick-off meeting and research phase set the foundation for a successful animation and CGI ads production process.

Step 2: Storyline Creation & Mood-board

During this step, we create a captivating storyline and develop a mood-board for your animation and CGI ads. We collaborate closely with you to define the narrative and key messages. Through visual conceptualization, we establish the desired look and feel of the ads. We iterate and seek your feedback to ensure alignment with your vision. Once the storyline and mood-board are approved, we move forward with confidence in the creative direction. This step sets the stage for a compelling and visually engaging animation and CGI ads production process.


Step 3: Storyboard Creation

In this step, we create a visualstoryboard for your animation and CGI ads. It translates the  concept into a sequence of frames, showcasing key moments and visual composition. Through collaboration and refinement, we gather your feedback to ensure alignment with your vision. 

Step 4: Script Writing and Voice Over Recording (If needed)

In this step, we create a compelling script and record the voice-over for your animation and CGI ads. Our skilled copywriters write a script that aligns with the storyboard and effectively communicates your message. We collaborate with you to select the perfect voice-over artist, considering their accent and vocal qualities. The voice-over recording is conducted by professional sound engineers to ensure high-quality audio.

Final Step: Coloring and Animation Production

In this final step, we bring your animation and CGI ads to life through coloring and animation production. We apply colors that align with your brand guidelines, creating a visually appealing aesthetic. Using the colored storyboard as a guide, our animators bring the characters and environments to life with smooth and engaging animations. We enhance the visuals with sound design and effects for added realism.

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    One limitation of naked eye 3D animation is that it requires the viewer to be positioned within a specific viewing angle to fully experience the 3D effect. Additionally, the production process for naked eye 3D animation can be more complex and time-consuming compared to traditional 2D animation.

    Sure, we do!

    Our Creative Team can certainly help generate ideas and assist in brainstorming for your 2D animation. We can provide Moodboard, suggest themes, or offer creative directions to get you started. However, it's important to note that the process of developing a story or idea requires personal creativity and vision. It's recommended to collaborate with us to refine and shape your animation concept based on your specific goals and audience.

    Sure, we do!

    As a digital marketing agency, we can provide a one-stop solution by developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy such as spread on XHS...  that incorporates these promotion methods based on your client's goals and target audience.

    The cost of 3D animation services can vary significantly based on factors such as project complexity, animation length, level of detail, and the experience and reputation of the animation studio or artist. It is best to discuss your specific project requirements with animation service providers to get accurate cost estimates.