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With Round Media, you can manage your media campaign based on various objectives and review captured data directly through major DSPs. On the other hand, our data too empowers your reaching out to potential targets across mobile networks and boots your campaign with spot-on force. We collect user permissioned and deep device-level data.

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Round Media is an all-rounded outcome media agency.  Based on clients’ true objectives, we provide big data driven and comprehensive marketing solutions to align with their business goals and together for success metrics and results that are accessible via various mediums and platforms.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising spans across online channels, lets boost up your sales and leads though one-stop digital advertising plan and marketing strategy.

Digital Transformation

Refine and optimize your customer journey through digital transformation.

Design & Production

Inject your brand with artwork. Our passionate team offers the best services to graphic design, animation and production. Make a difference in the digital marketing world with Round Media.

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8 Core Services

We offer the core marketing services with full-service, strategic solutions that meet your business needs. Our extensive experience in digital advertising, website development, visual design and production enables us to exceed your goals.

Google Ad

Re-marketing Website

Video Production & Animation

Webinar / Hybrid Event

Social Media Management

Project Design with Key Visual

Event Management

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Our best digital marketing package start from only $8,888! Let’s contact us from more information!

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【Instagram增粉 4 式 一文讀懂 IG最新演算法】

【Instagram增粉 4 式 一文讀懂 IG最新演算法】

【Instagram增粉 4 式 一文讀懂 IG最新演算法】 除咗 Facebook,Instagram 亦係一個充滿商機嘅行銷渠道。2022年1月報告統計顯示,於香港Instagram投放廣告可接觸嘅潛在受眾為360萬人。Instagram 行銷做法多變,想經營Instagram 除咗投放廣告,其實仲有唔少行銷策略要認識。第一步必先了解…

Google – 多媒體廣告懶人包

Google – 多媒體廣告懶人包

Google 多媒體廣告懶人包 諗好曬廣告內容同埋畫面之後,我哋仲有啲乜嘢要準備?要令到一個廣告成功,除咗要度好廣告內容,大家絕對唔可以忽視落Google廣告其中最重要嘅細節-廣告嘅格式同埋顯示尺寸! Google多媒體廣告聯播網係世界公認最大嘅廣告平台,可以接觸超過 90% 嘅互聯網展示空間。當您嘅目標客戶瀏覽網站、檢視 Gmail 郵件、或者使用智能電話內嘅應用程式,Google嘅多媒體廣告聯播網會幫您傳遞嘅重要廣告訊息。要受惠呢個強大嘅網絡,我哋就必須明白背後嘅使用法則!   記住呢…

Google – Year In Year 2021

Google – Year In Year 2021

Google – Year In Search 2021 Google發佈了Year In Search 2021回顧年度搜尋趨勢,推斷出2021年五大市場趨勢,幫助商家掌握市場脈動,策劃2022年的行銷策略,所以十分值得留意。我們將這份長75頁的文件濃縮成為5分鐘可以看畢的精華版本。…